Screws for KH bearing holders => how-to?

Hi unicyclist friends!

I just bought a KH20 trial unicycle :slight_smile: from, and wanted to assemble it as perfectly as possible.

For 2 reasons I guess: firstly, to avoid damaging the hardware of course; and secondly, to learn (and remember) as many things as possible, even the dummiest little things…

Look at this one question - you won’t be disappointed :wink: => if you look at the screws for KH bearing holders, you will notice 2 different spacers, let’s say the ‘inner one’ and the ‘outer one’. See the attached picture if needed (the ‘outer spacer’ appears on the right-hand side).

My question is: where should the ‘outer spacer’ actually be placed: between the frame and the holder, or on the bottom/holder side (i.e. together with the ‘inner spacer’ and the screw head)?

I hope this question makes sense - if anyone knows the answer, I would appreciate to hear from it!!!

Thanks in advance…


Screw for KH bearing holders.jpg

mine are between the frame and the holder but im not sure how they are supposed to be.

You should have two washers on each bolt. You should have the plain washer next to the bolt head and the split washer next to the bearing housing.

Although saying that I have noticed that some of the kh only have 2 split washers in the kit of parts. This is not a problem, you should fit one spilt washer on each leg of the unicycle, it does not matter whether that is the front or back.

One critical bit while assembling the unicycle is to make sure you do not over tighten these bolts. You only need to get the slightly above hand tight… that is easy to say but hard to do, but basically they need to be as slack as they can be without coming out or the bearing housing being loose.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for your answers - it makes full sense, actually => I’ll do it this way!

Cheers, MadC.