Screwloose (Profile Crankset)

I have the Profile crankset on my municycle.
When I ride (less than 5 miles) the left screw works it’s way loose and falls out.
The threads in the spindle are not “stripped” - the screw CAN be tightened.
I have replaced the screw, I have tried locktight, however the left one still falls out when I am not looking.

My guess is that somehow the spindle on the left side may be faulty.

Has anyone else had this problem?
Does the “Profile Warranty” cover this?

is the axle skewed? that would mean that the bolt gets tight but doesnt screw into the axle as far as the other side.

just an idea.

It seems to work perfectly (and evenly) - it just won’t stay screwed.
I rode 5 miles without the screw today (because I was on a 10 mile trip).
Ironically, the beveled washer and crank stayed on without any troubles.

Jagur is probably on to the right idea. Your left bolt may be bottoming out against the axle before it gets fully tight.

That could be because the axle is slightly off center in the hub or that you’re not using enough spacers. Add an additional spacer on each side of the hub. See if that allows the left bolt to get tight enough so that it doesn’t vibrate loose on it’s own.

ok , then does the axle go into the crank half way or more? if you have to many spacers the crank may not go on far enough to torque the bolt down. my axle goes into the crank with only about an 8th of an inch left before it would be all the way though.

there is also a chance that the axle is to far into the crank and the bolt head is bottoming out on the axle. ( inthis regard you would need to add a spacer)

John and Jagur battle to give advise.

your lucky, those beveled washers are only avialable with the bolts and the price at my shop for the bolts and washers is 20 bucks!