Screwed my leg up....

So, my brother and I were riding around town filming various things for our movie, and we decided to ride these little trails I know of that are pretty technical with roots and steepnesses all over. As we were sessioning a little rooty steep part (jump down the 3’ drop over roots to nice rollout, then hit a bump to air out over a really steep rollout), I took a weird (not bad, weird) fall, and now my leg’s messed up. I had got some speed up, and launched into the drop/rollout after the bump, and landed wrong. I hit with my wrong pedal forewards, and though this should have been ok, i was going too fast to control. I bailed and started to run out, but my wrong leg hit first, and it was nearly fully extended/locked out. this put a whole lot of force on my leg, and I finally bent it and then rolled out. Now, after the incredibly painful 2 mile uni ride back home, I’m sitting here at the computer hurting. My knee hurts some, the outside of my quad is REALLY painful, and my hip is weird. My parents are gone, and my borther is out delivering newspapers, so this sucks just a little. I took some ibuprofen, but that doesn’t seem to be helping.

oop, parent just came home.


that sucks

What a bummer! Do you have to go to the hospital or somthing? That would suck if its bad, with th BHMW coming up…sometime…

Hope it gets better, ingurys are yucky.

So were’s the crash video?

you said that you were recording this stuff right? lets see the footage.

well, I got the recording on my compy now, so I think I’ll make a little video.

Be back later with footage. It actually doesn’t look to bad on the video.

It isn’t hurting so much now!

(4 hours later)

Well thats good. Take it easy and stuff for a while, its easy to re-ingure yourself. 'Course, your probally already doing that.:slight_smile:

Did you ask you parents about it? Did they shed any light on the situation?

…are you gonna die?

Well, i’m not hurting so much now, it’s pretty cool. I think I pulled my quad, but I’m pretty sure that I didn’t injure my knee. That’s awesome. I should be able to ride or go run tomorrow, I think. I put up the movie in my gallery, the link is in my sig for anyone who wants to see me hurt myself. (You know you want to).

Actually, it doesn’t look too bad on the video. It happens just as I catch myself with my left leg, but it’s kinda obscured by my butt.

What is important is that no serious damage was done.

Something very similar happened to me a few weeks back. I was afraid I’d have to go in Hospital,but after a few hours, the pain was gone.

I did consider it to be a warning, and have worn pads and wrist guards and a helmet ever since.

What are you alking about? That looked bad…

it looked like your knee bent outwards ew. Edit: haha I looked again and I think that is just your shin guard flexing outward or something because it’s below your knee but it made me cringe when I first saw it I thought your knee when sideways.