Has anyone made a unicycling screen saver? Doesn’t have to be a moving screen saver, but maybe a slideshow of wicked awesome pictures. I just noticed the boring windows xp screen saver and thought “hey, I want a unicycling screen saver!”
I used to have a bike trials screen saver(slideshow).


I use the screen saver that is part of WebShots. You can create your own albums of unicycling photos and then have the screensaver cycle through them randomly. Just download the free WebShots desktop v2.0 for Mac or PC and you’re off.

Oh, another great feature is that it can cycle your desktop background image (up to every 15 minutes) and put on a multi-month calendar and other nifty stuff.


In Windows XP you can turn on a slide show of pictures in a folder on your PC, I use this, and gets a lot of unicycling pictures on my screen.

Re: screensavers?

If a slideshow is all you want, then Irfanview can do it for you. Just open a picture up and press Shift+A for automatic viewing, and press enter for full screen. It will go through all the picture files in the folder. It’s similar to what Nathan and Rusty have suggested but I just thought I would add another option you can choose from.

There’s a screensaver with a unicyclist (juggling, no less!) at:

It’s the second of the three available - enjoy!