Scratching your uni

Put together a built up 26" nimbus with qu ax parts then dropped it on a rock lol.

Anybody raw their steel frame?

Also what is preferred for van like shoes, flat plastic pedals or thick metal pin pedals

5.10 is a pretty common brand for shoes

I have seen some raw KH frames that looked nice, including an old double crown. KH frames are aluminum, idk if that matters.

I find it’s hard to beat a raw and properly treated steel frame. Check out the Vanilla Workshop’s Instagram for some amazing bike finishing (Instagram Link)

For aluminium, most people just keep going up in grit number until they reach an almost polish finish. The alternative is doing a light-bead blast if you can find a local shop to do it in. This shows a mix of both polished aluminium and bead blasted.

Curtis Bikes does raw steel with a clearcoat over it, and on their frames it shows off the fillet brazed joints with bronze filler. I always liked the look.

Here’s my polished frame, no clear coat required (Stainless Steel)

Wow! I take a “narrow view” of that cycle.

And boy does it look cool!

Beautiful uni indeed.

The knee clearance is awesome but is there any practical benefit to hugging the wheel so closely further down. Appearance is enough of course.

‘Sleek’ is the word that springs to mind.

Foot clearance mainly.

But also because it’s a KVA MS3 stainless tube set. The tubes come pre-formed.

That uni deserves to be on a poster.

They are seat stays?

Did you design this. And build it?

I recon there is a market for this frame.

It was built by a local framebuilder. But I told him what I wanted and he did a great job, especially with the finishing:

They are MS3 chainstays from their road bike tubeset. I would use the MS3 mountainbike stays next time though- should give more clearance while maintaining the curvy lines.

Anders Waiker can probably build you one- he has the template and it shouldn’t cost all that much to send to Australia.