Scratch Hockey Tournament & Freestyle Workshops, Manchester, Saturday 23rd Feb 2008

Denton Unicycle Club (DUC) will be hosting another scratch hockey tournament on Saturday 23rd Feb 2008. In addition to the hockey, we will also be running freestyle workshops.

The hockey tournament will be played in the large hall and go on for six hours as usual. The freestyle workshops will be in the adjacent gym and kindly run by Connie Cotter. Connie recently ran various workshops at the Billingham Hockey Tournament and was a huge success.

This will all be happening at the same venue as usual. That being…

Egerton Park Community Arts College
Egerton Street
M34 3PB


This tournament is for everyone, whether you’re just a beginner or seasoned pro! We’ll be splitting everyone into scratch teams to balance the sides out as best as possible. Nobody will be left out - if you turn up then you’ll be put into a team.

There will be a beginners only game to start things off. Then everyone will be put into scratch teams for the tournament proper.

The hockey will run as usual, between 12 noon and 6pm. The cost for hockey players will be £8 for adults and £6 for the under 16’s. Hockey players can join in freestyle workshops while waiting for their next game if they so wish (there’s no further costs to take part in the freestyle workshops). Please make sure you’re back in the main hall for your next game though.

The hall itself is very large, perfectly suited for hockey and has a good riding surface (plastic pedals only). There are good shower facilities for the ones that require them.

Free tea, coffee and soft drinks throughout the afternoon.

Freestyle Workshops

Connie will be running various workshops between 1-3pm in the adacent gym. The gym is a decent size and is where we DUCs meet on Tuesday evenings.

If people are interested in taking part in the workshops only, and not playing hockey, then the cost will be £4 for the two hours. As mentioned, there’s no further cost to the hockey players if they’re interested in improving their freestyle skills.

How to get there?

For the ones among you without SatNav, here are the Directions:

From junction 24 on the M60, follow the sign for Denton A57 to the second set of lights (sign posted Audenshaw, Arrow Trading Estate) where you turn left. The road then bends to left and then to the right. After this right bend take the first road on your right which is Egerton St. We’re 200m on the right, just after the college main building.

Alternatively, join the M67 at junction 24, turn left at the first exit (junction 1A) and Egerton St is the 3rd turning on the left.

Note: please ensure that you use plastic pedals and NOT metal ones.

We’ll be able to do pick-ups and drop-offs from Stockport station if you’re arriving by train. Do let us know in advance though.

See you all there.

Steve & Stu :smiley:

sorry won’t be able to make it but we will make the effort to get up there for the next league tournament.

Hurray, hurray, hurray (can you tell that I’m excited?)

I s’pose I could come…does anyone thing Edinburgh to Manchester is a realistic drive?



Ouch :wink:

No doubt it’ll be another great DUC scratch tournament so I’ll be there :smiley:

Im going to be in manchester on my unicylcle that day, but doing street / trials at the skatepark under mancurian way. So i might come along, how far would you say it is from say victoria station? or is it not worth it?

it’s always worth it!
The skatepark is a lot closer to Denton than Victoria Station. It would possibly take 30 mins by bus to get there. Hope you can make it.


I’ll back steve up it will be excellent (and as a bit of shameless self promotion - sorry Steve) I’m selling my coker which I could devliver to the event if there’s a purchaser, the details are

Due to the need for more space and the fact that I’m not finding the time to get out on it as much any more , I’m looking to sell my Coker. So the details are:

Coker “Big One” 36” Unicycle with
Viscount saddle with rail adapter and GB4 Touring handle
Coker studded pattern tyre
Spare 36” inner tube
Currently got 150mm cranks, spare 125mm will be supplied also.

An offer somewhere near £150 would secure it for your enjoyment – anyone interested?

let me know if anyone is interested

EEEeeeshk, i think i may have to give it a miss, as street and park is more my thing, However i shall try and make it to the next one, Never played, or seen it played on unicycles though so, i was just wondering, is there alot of contact? / falls? and is your uni likly to get scratched much?


There is some contact, but mostly it’s sticks against sticks. If you do come in contact with someone it’s usually accidental and it’s rarely malicious.

Is there lots of falls? oh yes! But 95% of these the player will land on their own two feet. There’s certainly a few that tumble around the floor (I seem to do my fare share), but it’s quite rare for someone to hurt themselves badly. …sorry about your broken rib Roger!:wink:

What??? You do ‘Street’ and ‘Trials’ and you’re concerned about it getting scratched playing hockey…? No! Playing hockey doesn’t scratch your uni.

You’ll have to give it a go - it’s great fun, and it improves your unicycling.


yeah the scratching bit was abit silly, but sounds good, ill have to definatly check the next one out!

And thanks for the answer to my newbie questions :slight_smile: