Scrap my 24 and get a 20 for tricks?

I’ve currently got a Torker LX 24 and I find it reasonably hard to get good air when I’m doing any hop related tricks so I’m wondering on whether it’s worth spending another $200 on a Torker LX 20.

Thanks for all replies

i struggle to get good air on my 26’’ then i jump on my 19’’ and still struggle (not as much though), it may pay to borrow a 20’’ before you go spending money, or you may just need practice or change of technique.

also i suggest you look into the nimbus unicycles… they cost more but worth every penny.

20 is definitely the size you want when trying tricks. Unless your already experienced in getting good air with your 24.

When the question is about whether to buy a different unicycle, the right answer is almost always yes.

I made the transition from 24" to 20" for Freestyle riding in 1984. A few years later it was rare to see anyone competing on 24" wheels. Not that you can’t, and can’t do it very well, like Teresa & Sem, but most people use 20". Not only is (an equivalent) wheel lighter and more responsive to quick movements, it also takes up less space so your legs & feet have more room to move around.

I’d say if you got the green go for it! i have 24 for trials and 20 for tricks, i find idling, hopping, one footed or fancy mounts or anything really too difficult on 24, the smaller wheel affords you more control over smaller movements i find, making riding backwards in circles almost possible for me recently :slight_smile: