Scottish Unicycling

Howdy all! My name is Thomas, me and my friend Pebbles were at BUC11, if I met any of you there, hello again!

I’v just joined this forum thing today.

Me and Pebbles are getting a bit bewtter on the uni’s now, we can jump off picnic benches now, but can’t quite jump onto them!

Anyway, are there any unicyclists out there in Scotland who want to meet up to ride? I was shocked that we were the only two scottish folk at BUC11, has there been scottish people at previous BUC’s?

Aye, so if you want to meet up with us, we don’t mind travelling to ride, give me a shout! Either here or at:


I hope to hear from some folk soon!


P.S If KlownLife is reading this, I know you’re in Edinburgh and I’v PM’d you (I think)

what about a spot of muni?


My first day of Muni !!

Howdy again!

I went to loch Lomond on Sunday (16th) on my Onza 24".


This is what my uni was built for. Go Onza!!!

It is really hard work and totally sweaty but what a laugh!!

My mate came on my 20" learner with Onza Sticky Fingers tire and metal-pin pedals, he loved it too but was even harder work for him. Also we jumped up, then back down the stairs (about 25 steps) at the train station while we waited to go home and now the 20’s cranks are totally bent. It’ll get ridden until they snap tho!

I am definitely up for more muni, gonna check out all the parks, trails in the Glasgow area and then start heading further afield.

Take it easy people.


i am 14 and between skill level 2 and 3. i m ok and always learning new things on my standard 20"er. i live near aberdeen and only know one other unicyclist( theyre at about the same level as me.) good to see there is actually other unicyclists in scotland…anyone near aberdeen? would be intereasting to hear if there were


I live in Balmullo, in Fife - Would have gone to BUC if it hadn’t been for a prior engagement. I do a little muni stuff, but I’m not that good yet - same as you, can get off the table, just can’t get on.


Wow, this is great guys, everything I saw for Scottish Unicycling is finally coming together. All you guys gotta come to my unicycling comp. once I get it organised, if your interested make sure you PM me so that I can check numbers easily. Time to see what all of you can do…and tell your friends.

still intereasted to know of any unicyclists near aberdeen