Scottish Unicycle Hockey

As I was practising my idling and riding backwards today I thought I would really like to try unicycle hockey.

Are there any riders in Scotland who play?
Is there a team?
Would anyone like to get together and try?

I’m bumping this up. Are there really no Unicycle Hockey players in Scotland?

How about in the north of England, maybe near Carlisle.

I’m from Dumfries originally and my parents still live there so I’m down there fairly frequently. Would be willing to travel a wee bit to get some playing in!

aw pity i’d love to play… but i’m in ireland. i miss playing unicycle hockey, but here’s no team whatsoever. :confused:

It’s probably a bit far, but there is a UniHock team in Stockton-on-Tees. They have a juggle and uni sesh on Thursday 18:30-20:00 and a hockey sesh after that until 21:00.

Good to know what teams are about, but Stockton is a little far to be honest.

If I happen to be down there for any reason I will look you guys up. What other hockey teams are there in the UK?

You can check on the UUU website. Their list is pretty comprehensive.

lol, yeah, just found that site after posting my comment.

That’s upsetting that Manchester is the closest one to me. :frowning:

A new idea then! Anyone in Scotland want to set up a team? Where are all the Scottish riders?

Also, have there ever been any international matches? Like, are there English, Welsh, Irish, French etc national teams?

We havnl;t yet had English/ scottish etc national teams. At Unicon the UK tend to feild one quite good team from a club ( often Lunis) and then another one or two teams of people who want to play and enjoy themselves in the B tournament. For the last few years those teams have been north and south, so any Scottish uni hockey players have been in UK north. ( unless they live in London and play with Lunis) .

AT the BUC in April there will be a regional basketball tourny- so if there are enough Scopttish players there wanting to play basketball there could be a scottish team . Actully you could put together a scottish team for uni hockey at BUC as well, its not just for exsisting clubs there will be other teams formed just for that weekend. for details

Good luck buddy, before you posted, I thought I was the only serious rider in Scotland!
I like a bit of hockey and enjoy playing it at BUC or UNICON but wouldn’t be willing to travel far out of town to play it. I have been trying to encourage street riding in Scotland for as long as I’ve been riding and failed. It would take a lot of effort to get enough people riding to constitute a scottish team, never mind getting two teams that would neccesitate a practise session.

I might sound negative, but seriously, there are so few riders in Scotland and the ones that do ride are so sparsely located, it would be difficult to get them all together, that’s suggesting they would all want to play.

Let me know if you get something started.


Dont give up! I have no idea of how many unicyclists there are near you but in my experience there are probably more than you think. Sometimes people learn to ride and then put it away in a cupboard again, probably because they didnt realise you could play hockey!

I helped set up a hockey club a couple of years ago, my advice: Check out juggling clubs, ask if they know any unicyclists. If you find someone who can ride always get a contact number/email for them. Trawl through the forum and unicyclist roster for people remotely close to you and send them an email. It can take a while to build up enough people to have a proper practice but maybe to start with you could just meet in an industrial estate or somewhere you dont have to rent a hall.

Regards equipment, hockey sticks sometimes appear in household refuse tips, i’ve also heard that ice hockey teams often clear out a lot of their kit at the end of a season so there’s opportunities there.

Hope it goes well for you, i’m looking forward to a Scottish hockey tournament already;)