Scott Wilton, Ben Soja, and Ryan Kremsater

Scott Wilton, Ben Soja and myself had an amazing few days of riding in the forests of southwestern BC following the NAUCC competition. Our mission was to push our boundaries, ride terrain that scared us, and improve our technical skill. I think we succeeded.

Scott Wilton pushed his technical abilities, successfully riding some of the steepest terrain he has attempted, and landing some very respectable drops! Ben Soja found a slice of paradise in Squamish, somehow defying gravity and summoning traction where no traction existed. He rode several of the steepest lines I’ve ever seen a unicycle do, and attempted lines that were even crazier. It was incredible to watch. For myself, the last clip in the video was my highlight. It’s not the hardest or most impressive feature I’ve ridden, but it was scary, and it was important for me to overcome that fear.

Boundaries were pushed, and boundaries will continue to be thrown back. This video is a stepping stone to bigger and better things.


Wow!!! Great video. Thanks for showing some of the falls that makes it real for me.

The steep downhills were incredible.

jaw dropping stuff :astonished: , very talented riders

Thanks for putting this video together for everyone to enjoy, will watch it quite a few times! :slight_smile:

I think the falls are important. And in this video, the falls are on some of the hardest lines. this video was about pushing the limits, falls are going to happen!

I love to hear that! If I can make a video that people enjoy, I’ve succeeded! =)

What size wheels y’all rolling there? I know Ben rocked the 27.5 down some amazing steep in Santa Cruz.

Awesome stuff guys.

Your videos are consistently the best muni videos Ryan

Scott and I are riding KH 27.5’s and Ben is using a Mad4One 26"

I think Ben can rock any unicycle down amazing steeps hahaha


Terrific riding!
I broke several bones just watching it.