Scott Wallis's contact phone "garbled"

Has anyone else tried contacting SW lately? I tried calling a few times today, but each time I got nothing but garbled static even before I heard the first ring! Weird.

Thanks for letting me know Terry, but I don’t think we needed a thread about it.
My email is working fine, and that is how I prefer to be contacted.


NP. I know that a lot of people prefer calling instead of emailing, as it’s usually establishes faster contact, and allows an uninterrupted dialog so you don’t have to keep emailing back & forth. It also served to let people know that your phone was down in case they wanted to try calling you.

I love you Scott!:stuck_out_tongue:

How do people know everyone’s names?


because Scott Wallis is awesome.

As well as Terry.


I agree. :smiley: