Scott Wallis parts info?

Does anyone any info on any of the old scott wallis parts?

I’m looking for old bumpers, handles, seat bases. I recall there was a high jump seatbase insert for better grip when riding SIF

Was also looking to experiment with 3d printing some of the inserts CF base.

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I’m just following, because ya know, one does not have enough of those bases.

I have one with the SIF insert, I can take pictures for you, but it’s permanently fixed on the base so I’m not getting rid of it (I wish it was a right handed one though :joy: )

hey even if you could get me some basic measurements of it attached to your seat base that could give me a place to start.

Few photos too couldn’t hurt

Where these photos at @jaco_flans


What do you need Phil? The base is currently at a friend’s place, the other one is on my uni. But I can get pictures and measurements :slight_smile: