Scott Wallis Designs Saddle For Sale

Here is a used Scott Wallis Designs carbon base with a Kris Holm street cushion and Nimbus quilted cover. Also included is a brake mount, 3 extra bolts, 2 cutdown Thomson 25.4mm post, 25.4mm to 27.2mm shim and an extra left death grip handle. I am asking $250 will ship anywhere in the USA at no extra cost.


Man that’s a good looking saddle!

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Thank you!

wow! I wish I had a use for it I would get it right away. Maybe @Pinoclean would want it for his uni museum?

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Very cool. I sent a PM

This Item is Sold!

Knowing that it has sold makes me cry. I just now made a post, and this was exactly what I needed to be able to even ride. Gratz on the sale though.

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