Scott Wallis Death grip on UDC carbon base?

Hello Everyone!

I have a UDC carbon seatbase with fusion free ride saddle on my 26 inch Muni, and was keen on getting a Scott Wallis Death grip handle with V extension, cause they look awesome!

Does anyone know if these are compatible?

And if I would be better to get a right hander set up or left hander? (i am right handed, but the v extension goes opposite to the death grip part)

Also, are these good, and where can i get them from?

Thanks heaps for any advice you can give me!!!

I was just thinking and about to post a very similar question.
I was looking at the mountain uni website. They have the Scott Wallace as an option, but if you follow the links , seems they are re tooling or redesigning and the handles are not obviously available. However I may be wrong.
I however have the same question about handed death grip. Being right handed I tend to find myself riding with left hand on handle and brake and right arm balancing. Then when stable would put my right on the extra handle extension.
So is it a left death grip plus extension that I crave?

From memory it only fit the 3 bolt Miyata handle pattern, but it looks like it may be compatable for both.

I’m not sure if the holes are in the right spots to line up w/ a base predrilled for the 4 bolt KH handle. It would definately work on a nondrilled base.

I have talked to Scott fairly recently about a production run of handles. He is busy with other CF projects at the moment, but will get be getting back to things at some point this year. Not to overcommit either his work or my ability to get but I do have a number of customers interested in handles. Ive commited to compile interest and orders, to hopefully make a compelling run at justifying his time to produce a lot. The new version of his design will have modifications to accommodate a KH base bolt pattern and angle changes. Feel free to Send me a PM if interested in being part of a list. Each mold has very specialized L & R specific grips, so there are challenges with numbers as well.

The ol’ girl…

Sounds like an awesome muni Tom. The guy who sold it to you must be awesome as well…haha. :stuck_out_tongue:

So how is the old girl going? Sounds like you’re giving her some loving!

Just to let you know, the freeride saddle foam and cover are the model just before KH bought out his new saddle. The UDC carbon base is drilled for the slightly different older KH base pattern. Those UDC composite bases are super solid, so I’m sure if you had to file some of the holes out a little more to fit a new handle it shouldn’t be too much hassle. Just don’t go to town on it!

Hope you’re having fun on the Muni. How did your summer uni tour go?


Dmac :slight_smile:

the ol girl

Thank you Dmac!

That is some great advice, so do you think it is worth giving it a go or should I try a different handle option? The death grip looks like it would be great hey.

The uni is going great, I use it more than the 36 now and have taken it to the You Yangs a few times, I love it! I have put a downhill tyre on her, and am in the process of getting some KH 137/165 cranks for a bit more leverage.

How are things going in Denmark? The big tour is hopefully going to be at the end of this year. Looking forward to it!

Hope you are well from Tom


All part of the after market customer support provided with a purchase from Dmacs Unicycle Emporium. Haha!

Nice one. Are you running a brake? As for handles, I have briefly ridden a uni with a deathgrip, it felt nice! I run a KH touring handle on my 29er, it is cut pretty short, and is what I used to run on the 26er when I had my schlumpf in that wheel. I run a custom handle bar on my 24" muni.

Things are good, weather is getting a lot nicer now, so have been riding heaps on my newly built up 36er, and giving my other uni’s lots of love as well. Looking forward to a great summer!

Let me know if you need anymore after market support! Haha. Hope you’re doing well,

Cheers, Dmac. :slight_smile:

after market service

haha fair enough!

Great to hear things are going well over there, is unicycling big in Denmark? I have a magura brake i transferred onto the 26 from the 36, still not too confident with it though! do you use the brake much?

Ok cool yeah the KH touring handles look good too, so sorry i am a bit confused would the new models of the KH touring bar fit on my saddle (considering it is the older style?). I still like the idea of the death grip if i can make it work, but the touring bar could be a good option, which did you prefer? I am just a bit worried about putting a lot of force through the KH handle, is it sturdy for big drops/UPDs? Maybe i could try and get a non drilled death grip and drill it myself to the holes, not sure.

Anyway thanks for all your help, legend! I guess a good handle will just be the icing on the cake of an awesome and much loved Muni!

FYI I just listed my death grip on ebay if anyone is looking for one:

Hmm, I thought you were giving it to Augie! Just saw the pic of the crack in one of the bolt holes. Is there any way to fix that, since it’s a major stress point?

Augie did buy it from me but it wouldn’t fit on his Impact seat correctly so decided to return it. As far as the crack goes I don’t think it is a big issue as there are three other holes to help support it. One of my KH seats has a bolt that is stripped and it has been like that for a years with no issues. Plus I bet it could easily be repaired with glue or something similar. :slight_smile: