Scott Wallis CF seat base, parts

Hello Unicyclist friends,

I was active here some years back, at which time I had bought a few unicycles (Hunter Cycles and Triton) and many parts.

I got really busy with work and life and am only now coming back to unicycling. I need to lighten up on my collection of bike & unicycle stuff.

I offer here for sale the"New Old Stock" CF seat base, KH cover, and brake mount that I had intended to use on my Hunter 36" wheel unicycle that I only partially assembled but never got to ride (particularly as I have not yet mastered the smaller wheel sizes!). Its only use consisted of me mounting the seatpost. It has not be ridden and has never been outside.

I am selling it only because I have some bills to pay that are, well timely.

I offer the complete seat base, cover, & brake mount as shown in my pictures. $300 shipped in the US via Paypal. The Thomson seatpost is not included (I doubt many people need a 26.8mm seat post for their unicycle anyways). This is less than what I paid for this setup when I bought it directly from Scott Wallis in March 2008.

I thought to offer it here before going to Ebay. I have sold items on Ebay with 100% feedback (user id berkeleybike)

Thanking you,

in Berkeley, CA

Please send me a PM and I will send you my e-mail/phone etc. and additional pictures.

International shipping:

I would be happy to ship it internationally but for the additional cost of a tracked method through the US Postal Service.


I have a buyer who has expressed interest in coming by tomorrow morning - if they buy it I will pull the ad - otherwise I will post an update tomorrow. Thank you!