Scotland Muni

Hi All

New to the forum and thought i would share a pic of me on my new KH27.5 on its maiden trip into the Cairngorms mountains of Scotland! Spent alot of time walking up and pushing some of the really steep walkers tracks descents but for sections of trail like that pictured on Derry Cairngorm and another above Loch Etchachan in was totally worth it!


Hi, welcome to the forum!

I wish we had places like that to ride around here…

How long have you been riding uni’s for?

I have been riding for 3 years this november and out in the mountains for about the last year and a half. I had a trails unicycle which was brilliant on super technical trails but it sucked for most trails. The big wheel is just awesome!

Where are you based? There are a few muni riders around, mostly Edinburgh area I think, but we met last weekend at Glentress in the borders and I think a few are coming to ride my local trails the 8th/9th of October if you want to visit Argyll.

Hi ScottishMuniMan, if you ever find yourself in Orkney…

Aberdeenshire based…only found out about the meet after it had happened!

Plenty of scope for muni around Aberdeen then, I used to work for the Forestry Commission based at Kirkton of Durris on south Deeside. I rode mountain bikes at that time rather than unicycles, but I particularly liked the Tyrebagger woods and Scolty Hill outside Banchory.

I’d like to get back up with the unicycle sometime but work and family keep getting in the way!