Scot Cooper and Moab on Fox Sports

I think it was a few weeks ago, Scot Cooper was featured in a segment on Fox News in LA. They used some of my footage from the Moab Muni fest. It’s a great segment spotlighting Muni and the mad skills of Scot Cooper. About 25% of the footage is from Moab, so there is some footage of John Foss, Carl Hoyer, Kris Holm and myself.

One thing that I think is hilarious is they used the POV shot of Tom Holub’s taco’ed wheel and they didn’t even realize what was going on - they just threw it in for action footage.

Here’s a quicktime file of the news segment. I’m sorry its so big (40mb), I don’t have any web compressors on the new Mac. Sorry if this hurts our dial-up friends.

Is it just me??? I can only get the first half of it to play.

What I’ve seen is pretty cool though.


For me it was a ways into the moab footage and then quicktime totally crashed.

I could only get 20MB to download. Same thing, crash in Moab.

Re: Scot Cooper and Moab on Fox Sports

Same here. Cool to see they included Beau in it though.


“UniBrier” <> wrote in message
> I could only get 20MB to download. Same thing, crash in Moab.

The new mac is a video editing machine and I don’t have any web codecs set up. I guess this is what happens when you use the wrong tool for the job.

Here’s a properly compressed quicktime. 5mb and it should play all the way for you:

Scot wanted me to mention that the newscaster at the desk issued a written apology for what she said at the end of the segment. You’ll see…I wasn’t offended, I just thought it was funny.

Brilliant… thanks for taking the trouble to put it up

Excellent clip! Maybe a little over-compressed. At least on my system, all the bodies were very broken with horizontal lines.

I have another potential source for your video. I’ll be sending you some contact info soon…

is the 2nd version really 5meg? im doing it on a 56k and its at 6.32 meg.

The “small” file I downloaded is 6.83 MB. But that’s just a technicality. The video is pretty good, although the compression leaves something to be desired. Another good positive bit of attention for us.