Scooter tour vid with a bit of unicycling

These are from a tour that I was on a month or so ago. Enjoy

part 3
part 4

nice vid. less unicycling but it was very nice to watch.

Nice video. i knew I should have learned more then just riding on my scooter

nice i like it:)

wow that back flip at the begining of the second video looked cool.

holy crap, thats awesome! didnt know you could get that good on a scooter!

man! i didnt realized that scooter was on this level!!

Yeah those are all the guys I ride with. They’re crazy awesome.

scooters are like fat chicks, they’re only fun to ride if nobody sees you.


that’s disgusting :frowning:

man i used to think scooters were totally lame, but after that video, oh wait nevermind i still do.

That was crazy awesome!!

Dang I love those skateparks (to skateboard, not unicycle). Ive only been to Madison once, but I’ve been to the Four Seasons in Milkwaukee a few times.

The double 3 set at madison is fun to skate, and so is that 7ft half pipe. Did you go in the huge bowl at all when you were at Milkwaukee?

not trying to be a jerk but are they really “pro” because i have a broken scooter and can do more tricks than in the video. go out and try it scooter is easy to be “pro”. i was “pro” in less than an hour. i can double tailwhip on level ground or off a it look hard but its REALLY easy…ooo wait i cant do a backflip but everything else.

How do you do a tailwhip I can’t do them, they are hard.

put your foot on the brak without braking it and then jump off a curb and push really hard and then it just goes around naturally.

I think you might have missed the 720, the 360 bryflip, and the flip whip.

They are really easy actually I did one the first time I rode. I can tailwhip better than I can hop. I only really mess around on the scooters though.