Scooter tour vid with a bit of unicycling

These are from a tour that I was on a month or so ago. Enjoy

part 3
part 4

I found out why I never liked scooters.

Emo kids are the only people who know how to ride them good.

They say stuff like “Handlegrip”

Unicyclist should work on his grinds, make them a little quicker.

Good video though.

Awsome scooter skills! Excellent filming and editing too. Nice!

have you ever just nailed yourself in the ankle doing those tailwhips? I can imagine horrible pain when that thing is going that fast…

I’m not riding scooter in that vid, but yeah they do that a bit. Once it gets to more than one whip it can hurt a lot, but I can only do one.

Can’t watch the movies, but I did ride a scooter long ago.
I could do a tailwhip to.
Not landing it realy hurts on your ankles.


Am I the only one that barely ever hits his ankles whilst doing tailwhips? I dont land them half the time but I rarely hit my ankles, I’m thinking its the way I land them or something…

Those kids are really good, are they sponsored or anything like that?

that was awesome man.
great vids.
everytime i watch a scooter video
i want to try it more and more…


John, Eric, and Andy are.

those are really kewl.