"S'cool" Unicycle... Anyone tried it?

Hello all,
Just curious if anyone has ever used one of these? I know it’s going to be pretty cheap quality, but found its design somehow appealing - even if it’s just for a bit of a knock about cheapo uni to have around the place. A bit of fun for £50 or just a waste of good money?



Seen these on eBay, now it may just be me being stupid but I can’t see how it’s physically possible for these to work???

I was looking at those around new year’s day. It looks like they took the backpart of a bike frame and put a Uni wheel into it, doesn’t it?

We have had one of these in our club for over two years. When riding it you wouldn’t know the difference. Great for adjusting seat to accomodate any size height person. Ad mentions weight limit, well we have had anyone ride it and have had no problems.



Hey according to the add picture your club is riding it backwards!

We have tried it both ways it doesn’t seem to matter which way, we choose that way as it tends to take less of a bite out of the floor when the user comes off. The post sticking out makes a nice mark on floor.

Perhaps add a rubber stopper or some medical tape to the exposed end?

Hey thanks good idea, I think when we got frame it had something on end.

Ah now I remember, everytime some tall person uses it they pull post up through tubing and take off whatever is on end of seat post.

What about one of these

They are the bung that stops the brompton seat from going crash on the floor. They are not much bigger than a standard seat post. They could be trimmed to make sure that it would still just slide up.