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One of the local kids (7th grade) has a science project to do, and would like something unicycle related. any ideas?

Klaas Bill’s site has a ton of stuff on the physic’s of uniing. I don’t know the URL, though, but someone is bound to come in here soon and post it.


Here’s one we did once:

I read an article some where about a unicycle robot. It was actually quite simple. I can’t remember where the article is but I’m sure it can be found. Keep in mind that it wasn’t a robot that unicycled, but more like a self propelled unicycle. To steer, it used fans to blow the unicycle in the direction it was to turn.

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This is the englisch part of Klaas Bill’s website.


A kid with access to the many riders of TCUC. Hmmm. Looking at the Bruce Edwards post, maybe something along those lines would be age appropriate. What about a comparison of the fitness levels of some of this student’s classmates, compared to a group of “average” TCUC riders of similar age? That might be interesting.

How about an experiment on lateral stability? Get a bunch of boards of different widths and ride down them. Make a plot of the distance you achieve vs the width of the boards. You’ll have to do a lot of runs to get a statistically valid sample - at least 10 per width.

If your dad has a table saw then you could start with the wide boards, get your distance runs, then rip an inch off the boards and try again.

If you go this route you should make a set of runs with increasing widths to correct for any learning you may have done. Add the 1" strips back onto the boards and do a few runs, then add another 1" and so on. When you get to full width you should be able to get farther than when you started. These runs could be used to make a second plot of skill vs practice.

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I made a collection called:
Unicycle maths, physics & robots, a collection of references.


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>To steer, it used fans to blow the
>unicycle in the direction it was to turn.

That must have been the Loonicycle. Link is on Mike Hinson’s page.

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You might just check

It does not sell anything or tell you any answer or
give you any step-by-step details; it is just with the ideas
along with a collection of links so that it might trigger
some new ideas…