Science articles about unicycle

Hello, I am searching for science articles about unicycles with open access to download. About to start my PhD.
In skopus I found only one full article I could download.

Others I found has an interesting abstract but nothing more.
Anyone can help me with resources?

Honestly as far as I know there are no good resources for unicycle research. This forum is where most of the documentation exist and most of it is submitted by random people. So you may be out of luck. I hope you can find what you need though.

Here’s one a friend posted to me a year or so back…

Robin S. Sharp
On the stability and control of unicycles


Hey, that article includes a (seemingly) good review of the scientific literature in its introduction. It even cites a doctoral thesis that was published by MIT Press.

Here’s one that may be more mathematical than it is physical science:

Good luck with your search!


Kind of strange there are not more scientific studys on the physics of a unicycle, I have seen some crazy stuff written by physics professors on the yo-yo. someone should send some Kris Holm vids to harvard.

12 Degrees Of Freedom ?

I just noticed in Dr.Sharp’s paper, that he modeled the unicycle frame in one piece with the rider’s lower body. This was probably done to simplify the modeling somewhat.

When learning, we are told to visualize the unicycle’s frame as a rigid post which passes vertically through our behind. However in reality, we are not firmly attached to the seat. I still rock back-and-forth and sideways on the seat. And to complicate that even further, when I pedal, the seat points left and right.

Now, if Dr.Sharp includes those additional movements into his model, that would have 12 Degrees Of Freedom (meaning the various pieces can move 12 different directions) !

It is extremely difficult to program computers to solve those equations in real-time. But incredibly, we are able to ride unicycles with little understanding of the underlying mechanics. It just goes to show the human brain is capable of doing magical things !

You can also try pubmed - I just searched it only nine articles and unfortunately only a few apply at all. ER submissions, and an article from 1971 in the New England journal of medicine titled " unicycle seat to spare prostate" - which could be good news as our community ages

However if you do find anything interesting please feel free to post it here- I’d love to see something reliable about energy expenditure / caloric burn, etc.

Good luck

That would be a fun experiment to follow learners and measure the energy consumed at the early stages. I remember practicing for 20 minutes and being completely wasted…