hows this uni? i heard its tough…

You don’t want that for anything but riding around. If you want something cheap like that then a torker lx is your best bet.
Also if you want to learn tricks then you should get a 20".

heres my latest pogo preview for a all flat video. this is what i want to do, except on a unicycle… why wont the schwinn work?

what makes the torker better than this:

You probably want to stay away from cheap no name unis. It’s hard to tell from the picture there but it looks like the frame has a round crown, you want one that is flat on top for tricks. In short, that uni will most likely break pretty quickly if you try to learn tricks with it.

If you want to get into flatland unicycling, the cranks are the most important part because you will be standing on them all the time. If you get a uni with cotterless hub/cranks then they’re generally skinny and uncomfortable to stand on. The torker lx and any cheap uni you find on ebay will probably have these. Cotterless cranks are also pretty weak, so you will probably bend them eventually. If want nice cranks, you have to get a splined hub. My favorite cranks for flatland are Kris Holm moments with rollo disks, you could also get tubular cranks like koxx-one street cranks. Splined stuff is way more expensive so it depends how much you want to get into it.

There’s also the question of if you want a 20" or 19" rim. Trials unicycles have 19" rims and fat 2.5" tires, you could also get a 20" rim and use a bmx tire. You will want a 19" wheel if you plan to hop around a lot, and 20" are used for more freestyle-ish riding. I prefer a 20" wheel for flatland but it is not as common.

Reasons why the schwinn isn’t ideal:

seat post: 22.2mm is likely to bend, it is specific for that uni and uses a really weird system to keep it in place. The post has holes in it that you use to clamp it down, so you can’t replace it with any other post.

frame: again with the clamp issue, there is no seat post clamp, just a bolt that goes through the frame and post. That means there are only a few seat height settings and you can’t put it right where you want it.
The frame is old and outdated, likely flexy and definitely really heavy. The crown is also not good for tricks (good luck standing on it).

wheel: it is cotterless so if you plan to be jumping around you will probably bend the cranks or the rim (it doesn’t look very strong).

I think they were going with the nostalgic appeal when they brought that uni back, it isn’t really useful for anything other than pedaling around.

If you have a little more money to spend you could get the nimbus trials uni from for around $300.
The cranks are the nimbus ventures which aren’t in the picture. They are decent and you could learn a lot of stuff with them, you could also upgrade to the KH cranks but if you’re looking at unis like the schwinn I assume you don’t want to spend a lot.

If you want a freestyle unicycle instead, the nimbus x from UDC is pretty good.
It says it comes with quax cranks which are not very good so if you wanted that you should upgrade to ventures or moments.

Your other option is just to get a torker lx off ebay for around $125 then learn some stuff and if you actually get into it then buy something nicer.

hanks alot man, i really appreciate you taking your time to write all that.

like 3 hours ago i bought my first uni… a shitty old $35 one, but i just wanted it to see if ill stick with the sport so i dont spend alot of money on one and dont stay with it…

so far i learned how to ride it which was a bitch, i learned to just lean forward and try to keep a consistant speed, that seems to be the trick.

i learned how to hop, and can almost 180 unispin.

not too bad for 2 or so hours my first time on a uni, eh?

Not bad at all. But first you should learn most of the basics before trying tricks like unispins.
Basic tricks=
-freemount & be able to ride foward (pretty much) forever and turn both ways good
-hop seat in & seat in front
-hop on cranks and on pedals
-rolling hop
-ride seat in front
-ride backwards

Also if you want to stick with unicycling after you learn the basics and/or break your unicycle i suggest getting a better unicycle than a $100 torker (unless you can’t afford it).

hey guys, didnt have much time to unicycle today, but, finished my flat pogo video: