Schwinn Unicycles

I stopped by a Schwinn bike store a couple days ago. I asked if they happened to
have any used unicycles. The lady said they didn’t, but they should be getting
some new ones in soon. I asked her the brand and she said “Schwinn”. When I
commented that I thought Schwinn quit making unicycles, she said they have
started again. Anybody else know anything about this?

By the way, she said that a 20" standard uni costs $150.

RE: Schwinn Unicycles

> > The 24" model requires a 24" x 1¾ tire. A 24" x 1.75"
> tire will not work.
> > This was a message I found on Is
> there someone who can
> > explain to me the difference between a 24" x 1¾ tire
> and a 24" x
> > 1.75" tire. As well as why the second one will work. I need to

I also used to think that 1.75 and 1 3/4 were equal. But they’re not…

Schwinn used to use a proprietary rim size, to keep tire sales within the
Schwinn brand. They were actually compatible with some European standard, but
not commonly found on tires here. The rim type on the old style Schwinns
(1967-1985) is called S-7. This is true for the 20" and giraffes as well.
Finding tires for an S-7 rim can be hard these days, especially finding one
that’s designed for high pressure.

Call Tom Miller at the Unicycle Factory (765) 452-2692, or ask at bike shops
(now that you have the magic S-7 they should know what you’re talking about).

Another possiblity is a new rim, but it’s kind of a shame to put a nice new rim
on such old hardware, and on a wheel with only 28 spokes.

If you need a 20" tire, there was a guy selling one (Schwinn whitewall
“Unicycle” tire) on EBay last time I looked.

Stay on top,

John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone

RE: Schwinn Unicycles

> Right, Won’t work. I nneded a new tire for my Schwinn Uni and the local
> Schwinn dealer gladly sold it to me for $10 so he could get rid of it. Not a
> lot of market for these and if they are in stock, they stay in stock for
> years. Look for a white wall, it is a lot cooler.

Note that if you find these old Schwinn Unicycle tires, they’re old. They
stopped making the whitewalls approximately 20 years ago. The black ones
probably stopped in 1983. I have some in my garage that are spares and they look
like they’re in OK shape, just check them out before buying. I think the way
they were stored will determine whether they’re still usable.