Schwinn Trials Conversion

Ok I need some help here on this one.

One of they guys I ride with has been convinced to get a fat tyre for his Schwinn, now he wants to put in the Montey wheelset with probably the Suzue hub(Can we put that hub in the Schwinn??). Now we are both poor so we are thinking to make this wheel ourselvs with alot of blood some sweat and perhaps a tear or so

So What would I need to do this? The prebuilt set up $179.
So far I have this as the stuff we need to do this same thing
Monty 19" Rim… $39
Hub… $25
Monty 20x2.5 tyre…$36
Spokes…$10 est. with nipples :slight_smile:
Rim Tape…$2

Total $135

Am I missing anything here? Also he’s probably gonna need some new crank arms, and pedals, I’m guessing probably another 50 for them( 140 Lasco’s or 150 BE the cheap ones) , so that makes 185 +shipping for a trials setup for a schwinn.

Now heres the bigest question of all. What do you guys think should we just go for the upgrade of a 5 year old (guess) Schwinn. Or should I just tell him to get a new ride and spend a bit more for a Yuni or United with stock monty tire?

if he’s going to get a yuni or united tell him i’ll buy his schwinn frame


The Schwinn frames are known to have some flex in them, weither that be a good or a bad thing. I would upgrade to the Nimbus (Yuni) frame.

well it turns out my friends schwinn got stolen over the summer, he went to his parents place to pick it up and they told him the bad news. Savages in this world I tell you. Savages.