Schwinn Stingray tire

I shoe-horned a Stingray tire onto a standard 20" diam. x 38mm wide
double walled bmx rim, which was laced up to the 48 spoke Torker DX
crankset from a 24" Torker. So now I have a fat-tired 20" torker DX.
I didn’t know if it would work, but the tire and rim are quite
compatible. Took a little rubber off the tire sidewall with a grinder
to make it all spin properly, but now I’m really happy with the
It floats nicely over the rough stuff and sand; and if I air up the
tire a bit, it works fine on the pavement as well. It’s a little bit
heavy, but looks really cool. :sunglasses: So, if you have an extra rim and
frame with lots of room, go buy a tire and tube from Wal-mart and give
it a try! Has anyone else done this before?


wow that looks like such a good idea. it would truely fit that catagory of “somewhere between an muni and a trials” what frame are you using and how much clearance do you have?

I’m kinda confused as to what you did there…

Me 2 :smiley:

took DX appart and laced the DX hub to a 20 inch rim and put a 20 inch tire on it the stuck it back on DX frame so it’s a 20 inch DX. explained? or do you need more clarification? (WOW I just re-read what I posted and it sounds way too blunt and mean sorry guys I didn’t mean to write it like that…)