Schwinn seat post (was: no subject given)

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> I was able to purchase a brand new Schwinn Uni last night and find it to
> ride nicely. The only thing I found unusual about it was that I can’t get
> the seat high enough and I am only 5’6" tall. I only need about another 1/2
> inch of height.

i had this problem and I just raised the seat so that the bolt is now below
the post. On the old Schwinns there is just enough frame to still hold the seat;
I don’t know about the new ones. I mostly did this as a temporary measure, but
it has held up well for the last year or so. Also, you’ll have to tighten the
bolt a little extra to keep the seat from twisting. You might try this first,
and if it’s too high after that, get out the hack saw and cut it down a bit. If
still not to your satisfaction, then call Tommy at the Unicycle Factory

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