Schwinn seat nut

I am doing a little uni maintenance at the local elementary school in the morning. On Monday when I was there I noticed the seat was really loose on an old donated Schwinn and one of the nuts was missing. I should have taken a sample nut or the whole uni with me but ofcourse I didn’t. Does anyone know the thread diameter and pitch for those nuts so I can pick one up tonight?

If you’re talking about the 4 seat bolts, they are either 1/4 x 20 or 5/16 x 20. I’m pretty sure they are 1/4 x 20. Not a big expense if you buy both. Get a flat and lock washer too.

Mine has 1/4"x20 tpi nuts with captive lock washers. I’m sure a split ring lock washer with a regular 1/4x20 nut will do the trick.

Thanks guys. I have a bit of work to do. Loose pedals caused by backwards seats (or frames). The PE teacher didn’t have any tools so hopefully I remember everything.