Schwinn saddle vs. KH freeride

I got my first Unicycle, a Schwinn 24", as a gift a while ago. I learned a little then let it collect dust in the corner and am now re-learning to ride. I can go for a few yards at a time when I’m on balance but I’m having to stop to rest the family jewels just as often as I rest my legs. I’m considering buying a KH freeride to replace the Schwinn saddle so my question is this:

Will the KH saddle help relieve the discomfort or should I try altering my posture or how I ride? Any advice from anyone would be appreciated!

I learned on a 24" Schwinn, also, and I had the same problem. If you had the classic saddle type like mine (the one without removable bumpers) then I feel your pain. It feels like the back of two bicycle saddles were slapped together.

I purchased a KH saddle and all I can say is that you will never ride on anything else again. Ever. The KH saddle is so comfortable that you won’t want to get off your unicycle ever again.

I highly recommend getting the KH.

I can tell you that a good saddle (like the KH), leg armor and good pedals will go a LONG way toward your progression.

Which Schwinn saddle do you have? Is it a new unicycle from UDC, or is it a vintage uni? The new version has a saddle that is much better than the old one. If it’s the new one and still not working for you then you may want to consider the KH Freeride. In the end it is a personal preference. There are some very accomplished cyclists who don’t like the freeride, and favor the KH Street saddle, or even the Nimbus Gel.

To quote Monty Python, “We are all individuals.”

Keep in mind that even with the best saddle out there you will need to deal with the pain for a bit while you get used to sitting on it.