Schwinn Rebuild report

Hi all–

[Warning: Boring technical report follows!]

I posted a while back asking about what bearings I’d need to replace the old,
battered ones on my 24" Schwinn. Well, I thought I’d just waste some electonic
space by reporting on what I found out and ended up doing, in the event someone
else wanted to restore a seemingly lost cause.

I first took the old bearings to a bearing shop, and discovered to my dismay
that they were $21 each to replace. This seemed unreasonable, as the hub I was
planning to put them on was of the old, pre-1970 cottered variety (plus, the uni
only cost $50 to start with). So after mulling things over a bit, I tried my
local Schwinn dealership, and found out I could get replacement parts there at a
lower cost. A new, cotterless hub ran $20, bearings (a 6003 size, with the two
C-clips) were a mere $10 each, and an entire new wheel (hub, rim, spokes, and
bearings) was $42. I was concerned that the outer diameter of the 6003 bearing
wouldn’t match the “hole” in my old Schwinn frame, but the worries were
needless–it fit perfectly. So that took care of the wheel.

Of course, my old wheel had a funky proprietary Schwinn rim on it, with a
strangely-sized tire, so I had to get a new tire–a Specialized Spanky
24x2.125 ($15)–and the hub needed cotterless crank arms, which Schwinn also
provided ($15/pair), plus new pedals with 1/2" threads (Mongoose DX-style,
$15).So my total outlay was probably unreasonably high–around $140
total–for what amounts to an adequate interim Muni while I wait for a
Telford with my name on it to be finished. But it was fun to mess around
with the thing, and it now is a pretty solid unicycle–I took it out in the
mud and had a little fun a bit earlier. Plus, little costs here and there
are easier to negotiate with the significant other, you know, than plunking
down $300 all at once …

Anyway, if you see an old Schwinn on Ebay, or have one that’s showing its age,
you can restore it to pretty darn good condition without a whole lot of work or
expense. I figure that it’ll last me a while (I hope a short while, since that
would mean I’d have a Telford to ride instead!), and I’m sure my son will enjoy
it when he outgrows his 20" muni.