Schwinn MUni's

Hey, im looking into buying my first off-raod unicycle. Im not too familiar with them and i was wondering if for a first timer such as myself if the affordable schwinn rough terrain unicycle (on was an allright unicycle. I just wanna know if its a dud or not. Also do you think i should get a quality freestyle unicyle in place of a off-road? Thanks

The Schwinn frame does not make for a good muni. The Schwinn frames are very flexible when you pedal hard. Under hard pedaling (for example when you are going uphill) the frame will flex enough for the tire to rub the frame. The Semcycle Deluxe muni conversions suffer from the same fault (flexy frame).

The “Yuni Cycles” are the best of the entry level munis. The Yuni frame will not flex like the Schwinn. The entry level Yuni Cycles come with a Suzue hub which is the strongest of the standard hubs.

If you’re trying to keep costs down the United munis would be better than the Schwinn. But the United frame cannot fit a wide tire so you’re limited to the skinny knobby tires. The United also has a weaker hub (not as strong as the Suzue) so you’re more likely to break the hub once you start jumping around. On the plus side the frame is not going to flex like the Schwinn frame.

Never get one unicycle in place of another. Get them both. :slight_smile:
Having a freestyle unicycle (along with a muni) is a plus because you can ride a freestyle unicycle indoors and the freestyle unicycle is more conducive to learning new skills. I learn new skills faster on my freestyle unicycle. After I learn the skill on my freestyle I’ll transfer that skill to the muni if the skill is appropriate for a muni. Some skills (like seat on side) are impossible for me to do on a muni because the tire is too big and the cranks are too long.

Thanks…I havent heard much of this flexy frame and as for having both the freestyle and MUni i more meant if i should get a better freestyle, right now i have a Torker Unistar (Black) 24’’ and i donno if thats too great of a freestyle but its been working allright for the basics i need so im not sure. Ill look into the Yuni cycles a bit maybe.

You said United would be an allright MUni for the cost-in-mind beginning rider…how about this one?? United 24-inch Off-Road with Torker Black Saddle, Suzue 36-spoke Hub and Kovachi Wheel? that has the suzue u mentioned…and i donno what a kovachi wheel is but kovachi is a pretty fun word.

Kovachi is the name of the company that builds the hand built wheels for They’re based in Marietta Georgia which is the same city as

For muni, fatter tires are better. We used to ride around on skinny XC mountain bike tires back in the old days. But once we discovered the fat downhill tires we all switched to the fatter tires. The fat tires give you more cushion. Fat tires float over small bumps better. Fat tires roll over rocks and roots better. Fat tires have more traction. Fat tires have more of everything that’s good, well… except for lightness. Fat tires make muni more doable. They open up more terrain for riding. Fat tires just make muni more fun. Getting a fat tire on a muni would be like getting suspension on a mountain bike. A skinny tire on a muni would be like getting a fully rigid mountain bike.

Most people prefer a wheel that is approximately 26" in diameter for muni. A 3" or 2.6" downhill 24" wheel will have a diameter that is slightly less than a standard 26" XC MTB wheel. Most people would consider a 24" wheel with a skinny tire to be too small. Bigger wheels go faster and roll over obstacles better.

The “United 24-inch Off-Road with Torker Black Saddle, Suzue 36-spoke Hub and Kovachi Wheel” would be a functional muni. It would have a smaller than ideal wheel and a skinny tire, but it would be functional and strong enough for basic muni riding.

If you’re going to be doing more than just casual muni, I would suggest one of the Yuni Cycles with either the 2.6" or 3" tire. Those unicycles are a big step up from the United because of the fatter tire. And the fatter tire makes all the difference. They’re a little bit more money than the United, but a big big step up in muniability (is that a word?).