Schwinn Giraffe

I’m in the market for a Schwinn Giraffe (thanks for the info John!).

I’m looking for one of the 6ft versions, preferably with the bolt on cog on the wheel (will have 3 hex bolts holding it on).





Is this a schwinn?
craigslist ad

three bolt schwinn hub?

Ok, this has a Schwinn giraffe 24" wheel on it.

But now I would use a disc front hub, places to mount a cog and stronger too!

I’m not sure what that is. It has a schwinn seat but the frame design seems way different to me…

Also looks taller than 6’.

Killian if your not in a hurry, a nice Schwinn giraffe will show up on Craiglist or Ebay.

Are you willing to drive to San Francisco? Here’s a nice one on craigslist:

$250 (plus gas).

Yeah I’m not that desperate. But thanks.

And a very nice on just showed up on Ebay. Looks to have the threaded hub but I could also tack weld the cog. Frame looks very good which is what I want the most.

Offer made, fingers crossed!

And bought.

Good deal… thanks to all who participated.