Schwinn Giraffe for sale at auction

Hi All,

I put my Giraffe up for auction on Ebay. Lots of photos, including me riding it.

As I write this the bidding is only at $10. It could be a steal!

Here’s the link-

Note that if you want to pick it up to avoid the shipping charges, I’m located downtown in San Antonio, TX.

Good luck, and happy bidding!

– The Hurler

“Steal”! :astonished: You’re kidding, right? Thats $10 PLUS $80 for shipping!!!

brand new torker 5 footer in my bike shop is $130.

I work in Shipping & Recieving. I highly doubt the shipping cost will be that high.

Shipping is a joke on Ebay. Most peole use it as a way to make sure that they make money. I had a guy send me some stickers once and he said that the shipping would be $4.00 US and then he put a $0.50 stamp on it, so he made $4.52 more than the $6.00 I spent on the stickers.

If Giraffe dude wanted $100+ dollars for this giraffe, maybe he should have set a reserve price.

when i sell stuff on ebay i try to get at least a couple bucks, but i also give just a flat rate for shipping. i recently sent some hockey goalie leg pads from iowa to new york for $20.75 or so and charged $25 for it. I think that’s fair, it took me a while to box it and a little time to go to the post office.

That’s when you leave bad feedback and say “This person charged too much for shipping.”

The giraffe looks like it’d be worth it, pity it’s too far awayy.


Try that and you’ll get bad feedback yourself as retaliation claiming you’re a bad eBay buyer.

The feedback system on eBay is broken. It is not honest. It is people gaming the system.

So that’s why people don’t like me.



a fair way to do it would be that you can’t see feedback they’ve left you until you leave them some, but there are dozens of ways around that.

They charge you shipping and handling. The handling fees are their opportunity cost plus any additional costs such as transportation expenses, and material expenses. I still don’t see that adding up to $80. I believe if he charges shipping and handling fees closer to their true costs than that will help increase the number of bids and selling price.

I think I could drive there and get it myself for about $80.00.

I am not saying that people should pack up stuff, lug it to the Shipper and pay for shipping without it costing anything, I am mearly saying that some people use the Shipping portion of a sale to set a reserve price, without actually setting a reserve. Both these dude wanted to get about $80.00us for the unis. Just two different ways of doing it.

ie. Unicycle from one of the companies listing on ebay.

The cheaper uni to ship is actually the 20 inch one apperently.