Schwinn for sale (bid in thread, ends today)

I’m cleaning out the garage and I still have this Scwinn laying around. Hell, it might make a nice gift for the Holidays. Whoevers posts the highest amount takes it, posts end @ midnight (or my discretion.)

It’s one of the older models, TT71100104 stamping.
Seatless, pedaless. Comes with bolt for seat, a BRAND NEW Hoggy G tire (24x3.45?), and a set of Razor cranks.

Starting at $1.00 (please make all bids in $1 increments)(incl. shipping and handling)

Happy Holidays!

one dollar

2 dollars

3 dollars

4 dollars


8 dollars



Re: Schwinn for sale (bid in thread, ends today)

So I can just say a really big number and have it for free? Excellent. Kidding.

Aww, man, we were about to get a good uni for like five bucks, and then you guys had to go and jump to $14… Nice goin.



well if shipping is included ill bid 20$



I’ll take it for $30.

It’s all yours Gilby! I’ll take any kind of payment, and if you have any spare shirts laying around… :slight_smile:

I got lot’s of shirts… just got a new printing of the ET (now “glow-in-the-dark”), Do the MUni and T-shirts (which come in cardinal red, royal blue, sport grey, texas orange and black… also have every color imaginable in size large). Also have a selection of “fire sale” shirts that were exposed to the smoke of 29 unicycles burning up. Those include some Never2tired, unicycling language, do the muni and ET (non glow-in-the-dark).

I could do definately go for 2 of the black shirts. One in an adult medium and the other in an adult extra-small or small.