Schwinn date

Got my first unicycle at 14… have not had one in over 35 years. I am now 52 and just picked up a mint condition 24” Schwinn. I can still ride it…lol. Would like to know the year. The Schwinn lookup does not give the correct date. Anyone help?

Number on the hub is: 6033856

The serial might not be very much help.

Post some pictures and it will help narrow the date range.

Does it have cotterless cranks? Aluminum rims, or steel? how many spokes are in the wheels 28, or 36? Is the saddle a metal frame with a heavy vinyl cover, and no bumpers? Is it a foam covered saddle with small front/back bumpers?

Try an upgrade

So, you have a classic Schwinn. I would take care of it and not ride it so much. In the meantime, have you tried a nimbus with fat tires and spiked pedals? Give it a try, I bet you will be blown away by the amount of control and ability to ride different surfaces.

I know it will take a little effort to get used to it, but I think you are up to the challenge. Just search the internet for some other local riders, and I’m sure they will let you try their unicycle. If you’re in the L.A. area you can try mine.

keep riding…never rest on your laurels…

Schwinn produced unicycles until the mid/late 1990s. Later on, bought or licensed the thing, and you can still get a “modern” Schwinn from there. Send pictures. Get close on the seat, side frame to see detail, hub, cranks and pedals. Those would all be clues, and we should be able to give you a range of years that your uni fits within.