Schwinn Axles

“The axle is not tempered so hopping and/or jumping will most likely bend it after a short time.”

The above sentence comes from Scott Bridgeman’s review of the 20" Schwinn. ( I have this unicycle and started hopping a little bit and have ocassionally worked on it, but, fortunately, not too much. Nonetheless there is a slight looseness on the left side crank or pedal.

What is tempering with respect to the axle?
What benefit does tempering offer? Disadvantages?
What are the symptons of a bent axle?

I guess until I can scrape up enough money for something stronger my hopping days are over. Fortunately there is no shortage of skills I can work on without the uni leaving the ground.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

your crank getting loose may (and most likely) not have anything to do with the axle. the tapers of your crank may be wearing out, and in need of replacement. wait until someone with more knowedge on this sort of spindle comments…