Schwinn 6 foot giraffe broke

so im riding in a thanksgiving day parade with my club (rtuc) in Grosse point, Michigan, and i hear a snap and my chain goes a little loss, but not enough to the point i needed to get down cuzz i had like 2 blocks till the end, and then i hear a louder one like 5-20 seconds later and the chain just goes slack to the point where its about to fall off, so i bail, and i couldn’t figure out what happened, so as im leaving, i realize, my BEARINGS SNAPPED, and the tire was no longer held in one place on the axle.

but i was just wondering if this has ever happened to anyone ells, riding or not, Schwinn or not?

Are you sure it’s the wheel bearings and not just the chain cog seperating from the hub?
Those three bolts tend to shear pretty easily. It has happened to me twice on my Schwinn giraffe.

If not. There is a $40. wheel set for giraffes on Ebay .

i looked at it and the cog is still attached to hub, and i don’t even think i could have road it for the length i did if i t had been the cog. i looked at it closely, and the bearing are not at all attached to the axle anymore, teh hole hub slides freely along the axle within reason.