Schwinn 24in wheel+ cranks

I need Schwinn 24in rim tire cranks and hub ours is broken please reply if you have one to sale!

I could have one but I’m not really interested in shipping it outside Europe.
where are you?

If you explain what is broken in detail, people will usually be able to come up with a solution - if each of those items are broken it would be fascinating to know how and why!

I broke It going off a drop off the Hub is now bent and so is one of the cranks and I would love to buy some because the unicycle is my dad’s and needs to be fixed. I live in Montana and Would be extremely thankfull if you would ship it… how much would you charge me?

Is your Schwinn cotterless? If so, they have a replacement hub at UDC for $20. It will take any cotterless cranks.

It won’t directly swap out if you have cottered cranks. The cotterless version has 36 spokes, and the cottered version is 28.

How would you be able to detatch the spokes from the Hub?

You can look at Sheldon Browns wheelbuilding page for a good tutorial, but you might be able to find a bike shop to do the build for you if you haven’t done it before.

Really though, unless you have a cotterless already it could get pretty pricey to build a new wheel for an old Schwinn.

I think they went cotterless in the mid '80’s, and they had blue rims for a few years. Count the spokes if you’re not sure what cotterless is. If it has 36 spokes it will work with the UDC hub.

Shipping would be around $50, plus the cost of the wheel itself!
A 1980’s Schwinn hub from is $20 and $10 for cranks. need spokes as well? (this is why I’d like to see a photo) that’s an extra $62. A complete Torker CX 24" wheelset is $60 which could do the job again, depending on the age ofthe wheel.

could you post some photos? show the bent hub and crank in particular, as well as the bearing holders. that way we can see the extent of the problem and the age of the wheel which will make a difference.
It could be possible that you can get new cranks and hub (you may need spokes too) and take it to a local bike shop to build it for you.

I don’t know why these unicycle sites have such exorbitant prices for simple spokes. I usually pay between .20¢ and .50¢ per spoke at a bike shop.

In the UK prices fluctuate widely with the exchange rates - I last paid 80p for some standard spokes at a good LBS which is pretty much in line with those prices.
If they need rolling specifically that’s a greater cost too of course.

I buy my spokes from Excel Sports for .50. They cut and thread them with no extra charge. Of course I can go and pick them up, but the shipping shouldn’t be much more than I pay for tax.

Ill get some Picture up by the end of the night!

Here are the pictures and it has 28 spokes on it.

From what I can gatther the images you want us to see are still on your local machine, and haven’t been uploaded.

If you want to upload photo’s you should use the “attach files” dialog under “additional options”. You will see it below the text edit window that you are typing in.

Anyway, since it’s 28 spoke it is most likely a cottered hub, and the UDC hub won’t work. You would have to build an entirely new wheel with new hub, spokes, rim, tire, tube, and cranks. This would be a costly undertaking. My guess would be that the tire size is S7 24x1 3/4. That is a proprietary Schwinn size that they finally abandoned in the mid '80’s, also when they went to the 36 hole hub. Of course if it’s just the cranks or pedals that are bent it would be much cheaper to replace them.

The pictures are up there now sorry had to fix it.

Interesting. Those are cotterless cranks. I can’t tell in the photo’s what is bent. Are you sure that the hub spindle is bent? If it’s the cranks they are easy to replace, and being cotterless gives you a lot to choose from. I think that some of the Schwinns had 1/2" pedals, and I don’t know if you will be able to get new cranks that use those pedals. The standard for three piece cranks is 9/16" now. So if it is just the cranks you will probably have to get new cranks and pedals. Still far cheaper than replacing the whole wheel.

If it is the hub you might want to call UDC to make sure that their hub isn’t 28 hole. I’m pretty sure it is 36 though, as I have one of the uni’s with the blue rim and 36 holes.

In the last picture it shows that the hub is bent I also believe the crank is bent… What is the solution for that problem new cranks and hub if so could you reference me to some.

Like I said before the cranks are very available, and you can get similar ones for $15 at UDC.

I seem to remember that UDC had a replacement Schwinn wheel they were selling a while ago. It might be worth a call to find out if they still have it, and just not on their site. They sold it as a way to bring new life into an old Schwinn. If they have one it would certainly do that for yours.

The Schwinn hub is a special piece, and to my knowledge is the only uni hub that attaches to the frame with circlips. That’s the problem, you can’t just take any hub and put it in a Schwinn. The other problem is 28 holes. You can’t easily build a 28 hole rim to a 36 hole hub, so if you get the hub that’s listed on UDC your best option would be to build a whole new wheel, which will be pricey.

I’ve seen 28 hole Schwinn hubs on Ebay before, but there aren’t any right now. You may get lucky if you call UDC and see if they have any 28 hole Schwinn hubs laying around. They just might have one. I have had good luck getting things from them over the phone that weren’t on the website.

You might put a wanted post up here for a 28 hole cotterless Schwinn hub, and see if anyone has one.

As jtrops said, try UDC first. my wheel won’t fit.
If you can’t work out what’s bent over the phone, replace the cranks first as that could be the only problem; then think about the rest if needed.
Just make sure you use the correct tools and get the new cranks & pedals the right way round.

IMHO you should cut your loss & buy a replacement uni. I see Torker LX 24s all the time for < $100. Sell the remaining good Schwinn pieces on eBay.

  1. Parts are going to be close to that anyway.
  2. You don’t seem to have the mechanical know how at the moment to make a solid repair. Especially if it involves lacing a new hub.
  3. Almost everything about a modern uni is better.
  4. I understand sentimental value. I had the same 24" Schwinn for over 35 years. I kept fixing & maintaining but it just isn’t made for modern uni moves (as you have discovered). In the end I sold it on eBay for a surprisingly high price & bought an almost new Torker DX for the same money! I’ve never looked back.

PS. UniDudes’s father. I’m 51 not 14. :slight_smile: