Schwinn 24

24 wheel chrome Schwinn with Sugino crank and Araya wheels. Saddle is in very good condition, frame has no rust and bearings are smooth. Original shop sticker: Sunrise Schwinn San Jose Ca, anyone remember this shop?
$250 shipping out of Nevada.



I had this same unicycle and gave it to a friend’s daughter. I loved the color of the rim and blue lettering on the forks. I put a UDC union jack seat on it as the original seat was spent. I also have one more of these with cottered cranks. They are legit and rideable and I put many hours on mine. Here is mine with a Kenda bmx tire on it.

Good luck with your sale. I just wanted to show what I did with mine maybe I will inspire someone out there to buy yours

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Thanks Bug72. That seat look good.

I would like to move this sooner than latter so if there are any interests please make an offer.
Thanks Neal

Can I temp anyone at only 60$. Surely someone can put this to use!

Give it to a kid. You will get far more than $60 in smiles.

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