Schwinn 24" MUni

I am looking at buying a second MUni for teaching/loaning and what not. I would appreciate any feedback about the Schwinn 24" MUni. Thanks.

This one?

The specs aren’t that good, for 10$ more you could get a nimbus muni, which seems like the better deal to me. You can get a 2011 torker dx 24" on ebay for 280 or a cfg (k1) track monster for 215. Why do you wanna spend so much on something to loan out, if you don’t mind me asking? :thinking:

sorry you wanted reviews and thoughts on that model didn’t ya, just thought I’d give ya some other models for consideration.

While I didn’t have that exact model I did have one that was very similar. One difference was that mine didn’t have the bearing clamp, it was just one solid piece where the frame connected to the hub.

On a side note I do find it a bit odd that they’ve stuck with the single through bolt to support the frame… given you can now take the frame off the wheel at the hub. I’m sure the clamps at the bottom are the stronger design, but you’d think they’d go with one or the other, i.e. redesign the frame.

Anyway here’s a few things to consider:

  1. You can’t use a seat post clamp for exact height adjustment with this frame. Schwinn employs the bolt through method where a single bolt joins each frame half and threads through the seat post in the process. They drill the holes through the seat post as well meaning you’re stuck adjusting your seat height in predefined increments. I don’t remember what the increments were, maybe a hole every inch? I got around this by getting a seat post with no holes and drilling my own.

  2. I used mine exclusively for commuting on sidewalks, greenways, and streets. It was very good for that, I probably put between 1500 and 2000 miles on it. The frame makes me question how much it would hold up to muni though. Notice how each fork is flat. Now I never had a problem with it, but I never took it for a muni ride. I ended up getting a nimbus for that.

  3. They ended up addressing two HUGE strikes that my schwinn had that prevented me from ever considering it for muni. They replaced the schwinn seat, which hurt a lot and they replaced the pedals. Mine came with some truly awful pedals, no way no how my feet would stay on the pedals for muni with schwinn stock pedals.

  4. It looks like they gave this one an ISIS hub.

Final notes:
I notice they don’t give you options for crank arms for the schwinn. Thinking back I guess moments would look funny on my old schwinn.

They’ve already got a KH freeride on that muni. Upgrading to a freeride on the nimbus would push the price up by $15. Still I think I’d go with the upgraded nimbus for $25 more. I just think that I’d have more confidence in the nimbus frame and you get more precision with saddle height