Schwalbe GreenGuard tire

Has anyone tried this tire? link:
It would be a great tire if it is compatible on 20 inch uni rims.

A 20" touring tire. Interesting.

oh, I forgot to mention…my rides are only on paved roads/sidewalks. The knobby type tires seem to grind down very very quickly. So this road tire might be the trick. I can also answer my own question as the advertised tire is a 406 and so is my rim. Should be in good shape indeed. Cannot wait until it arrives!!! I don’t have time to post pix of my current tire, but what is left of it probably won’t last the next 3 days required for delivery. Oooohhh noooooo.

In the advertisement it states that there are two 20 inch tires available. One is 406. the ad doesn’t specify the other “20 inch” size. To close the open ended question: what is the other 20 inch size?

No it doesn’t, it states that there are two sizes commonly referred to as “20 inch” and it specifies which of those sizes this tyre is available in (406).

406 is by far the most common 20" size. See for a list of others. I don’t know which of them BikeTiresDirect would regard as “the other size”, but I think probably 451.

I tried this tire in the 24" version for basketball. It worked OK but at 24x1.50" it was quite narrow compared to what we’re used to riding, so it liked turning better than going straight. It’s a very durable outdoor tire compared to most cheap uni tires.

This tire looks perfect for my future giraffe plans…

Tholub wrote: It’s a very durable outdoor tire compared to most cheap uni tires.

Thanks for sharing. Very nice. Durablility is precisely the feature that I am seeking. Hopefully this tire will be a treat compared to the others that I have tried. As you mentioned, this skinny tire will be interesting to see how it handles.