Schwalbe Big Apple 20"/24"

anyone ever used a Big Apple for a 20" or 24" uni?

Haven’t used the Big Apple but I currently use a hookworm on my DX 24. It’s great for those smooth surface rides where you don’t need a lot of tread and don’t want to prematurally wear out an agressively treaded tire.

Not sure if the Apple is as rugged as the hookworm but it apppears to be quite smooth

The Big Apple is a lighter tire than the Hookworm 20 or 24 but has a noticeably thinner sidewall so tends to squirm a bit if you make sharp turns or sidehops.


In my opinion the hookworm is ideal for street riding on a 24"

Yeah I really like it. Scotthue, what were your intentions in going to a smooth style of tire?

…unless you up the pressure a lot, like 50 or 60 psi.

I’ve used a similar tire. Squirmy at low to med pressure. Fast and responsive at high pressure.

Over all I didn’t like it for the riding I do. I like to ride on bumpy surfaces w/ about 30 psi on the street and like the cushion of the lower air pressure.

Because Big Apple seems to such a great tire for 29ers, I was just wondering if anyone had used a big apple on smaller wheels, I currently have a hookworm on my 20" and it works fine for that

I have the Big Apple 20x2.35 on my one wheelset. I like it better than my trials wheel for general street riding. It’s significantly larger than a 20x2.25 and can cause fitment problems on a narrow frame. The tire has somewhat of an egg shape so it rolls and turns super smooth on a skinnier section of tire. It’s as close to a perfect blend of trials and freestyle tire characteristics as you’re going to find. Highly recommended by me.


Mongoose makes (or made) a 20X2.35 tire. I saw two on a guys BMX and squeezed it when it was inflated to what I guess was 25-30 psi. It felt like a normal BMX tire, w/o thin sidewalls. It’s the definately the widest BMX tire I’ve ever seen.

I’ve looked before and couldnt find it at any online stores or on their website. I stoped short of e-mailing them and asking directly though.