Schwalbe 20 X 2.35 Trials Tire

Hi all,

Has anybody else tried the Schwalbe 20 X 2.35 “Big Apple” for trials? I have found this to be an excellent, little tire. I resorted to try this when a young club member was showing extraordinary promise at trials. I coached him not to abuse his standard Torker 20” CX which would have put an end to his fun. I had a Sem frame not being used so I created a trials ride for him using this frame and the 20” “Big Apple” (the Luna or Monty 2.5” won’t fit the Sem frame). Since this lad is less than 100 lb. I think that the 2.35” width will work fine. Any other experiences with this tire as a trials tire?


No experience, but sell an Onza Sticky-Fingers trials tyre that fits on a regualar 20" rim. 2.4" wide I believe, that may also prove nice if the Big Apple doesn’t hold up.