Schools out- Summer unicycling goals?

Well school let out today. Finally. Now its time for a summer full of unicycling. I have been thinking about my unicycling goals.
Here are the ones i can think of.

Get my KH 05 ( not really a goal)
Learn to glide.
Learn to get 360 unispins down pat.
Increase hoping height about 6 inches.

Thats all for right now. What bout yall? Kelly.

Dont waste summer do to injury.

You could get all those things within a couple of weeks. Set harder goals. :slight_smile:

Harder goals? Like what??

Hmm… I don’t graduate until the 24th of June…

As for goals… I just bought a muni, so I want to start riding on the numerous hiking trails around the area…

I really want to get my gliding down better (faster)… I thought I was doing pretty good, until I rode with Kris Holm… maybe my goal should be to stop comparing myself to him:(

I really want to get better at rail riding… especially freemounting on rails. I have to ability to actually ride, but any rail thats over a foot off the ground just seems impossible… I guess its just a confidence factor.

I also hope to see my friends and family as much as possible this summer, before I head off to college…


I want to…grind better and glide better(that sounds funny)

Learn standup WW consitently

360 unispin

180unispin off drops better than I barly can now

Learn to crankflip(maybe I should leave that one alone)

no-footers off drops

Not die

increase my hopping height by…several inches

get a giraffe and do stupid tricks on it

make money to blow it on uni stuff

rail ride

Forrestunifreak… sounds like you got a pretty good list to me. I also would like to learn 180 unispins off of drops.

Unispins in general
doing things down drops (no footers, 360s, stuff like that.)
Hop height at least 26", any method
Not break my uni
Something freestyle, preferably that will improve my overall balance for muni etc. (besides the stuff that I’ll learn on the way to gliding)
Make it down a specific crazy hill. Wait, 2 specific crazy hills.
Get the guts to do a specific dropgap line (easy. I’ve already done most of it, there’s just this one crappy landing I need to do.
Improve pedal/crank grabs
Learn more street.
EDIT: ooh. Grind handrails, maybe. Forgot that one.

There’s a New Years Resolution thread like this somewhere, I’m gonna find it…

Well, I already can do a 180 unispin. But I don’t care much about a 360 hopspin anymore… I’ll make a new list instead (:

Land a 360 unispin
Land a 360 unispin consistently
Learn to do at least a 180 unispin off a drop
Increase my seat out hop height by a LOT
and probably rolling hop height too
Get to level seven
Get seat drag down really good, and pick the seat up from it

EDIT oh yeah, and I GOTTA beat Brian in the Moscow Mountain Madness bike race on our uni’s. Shouldn’t be hard because this year he’ll be on a 29er and I’ll be on a Coker.

Doesn’t leave much time to unicycle when you work 50+ hours a week. :frowning: But I plan on working on hop height, basic muni stuff, wheelwalk, get 1 footing down pat, learn some more mounts, for starters.

I’m going to keep working on my new year’s resolutions, some of which I can do fairly well, but none of which are completely solid with transitions:

Also I’m going to try to get good at stand-up glide, and learn backward seat drag, and just get better at freestyle in general, especially the stuff on levels nine and ten.

By the end of the summer, hmm.

I’m going for:

unofficial (woo self-judging!) level 5
owning and being able to freemount a 6 foot giraffe
learning to seat-out hop
ride down and hop up reasonable sets of stairs

Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. But you guys who have been at it for years have inspired me to go at it full force, to try and catch up :smiley:

I can’t stay off the damn thing though, so I might as well push hard while I’m at it. Man I love unicycles.


Get my muni fixed (parts on order), muni like mad all over NH, as much of Quebec as I can. Film any good parts, and post the vid for all to enjoy :smiley:
Oh yeah, learn to do higher hops/drops (since my uni will in theory not break ;)) and see if I can land a 180 unispin on my muni… so close…
Pedal grabs? Backwards riding? Improve on all things uni? :wink:

Glide with ease (close)
Get a Trials
Learn trials
Coast (long shot)
Stand up ww consistantly
360’s off of stuff
Get better an unispins in genral
Earn enough money to get a coker
Keep my ability to have children
seat whip, matrix flip, etc whatever you want to call it.

I know a lot of these are long shots but oh well…


Get better at wheel-walking
Backwards one-foot
Get 360s more solid

31 inch seat-in sidehop

I only get six weeks holidays… which are in 1 month… But I want to learn to:
Do rolling 360s off big drops
360 Unispin consistently
Increase my hop height by say 10cm rolling (already at 80cm so might be hard work).
Increase my dodgy side hop of about 65-70cm to 80cm consistent
Rolling hop the big blue table at school consistently (77.5cm and it’s scary!!!)
Increase my gap to 2.5m (from 2m)
Stop wasting time on the computer playing lousy boring flash games!!!
Reply more on RSU!!!

I graduated High school yesterday, well hte career chick has to sign one more paper and im done, at the age of15 . I gotta perfect my coasting, or i should say my trans into the coast, on a good start i can go bout as far as i want. I like some of these goals, i gotta learn some crank flips and perfect my drop no footers and drop unipsins, I got most the other stuff, and some hand rails, but that might conflict with hte not injuring myself part…yeah

Wow. I get out June 16th.

I get out on june 17… Until then, not too much time for unicycling, after that, I’ll work like a madman trying to:

  • Perfect my wheelwalk
  • Do a unispin
  • Maybe learn to hop standing on wheel (have tried it before)
  • Seat out front/back while riding backwards
  • Work on my trials and offroad techniques
  • Teach my neighbours to do some new tricks (can barely ride)
  • Enjoy myself and NOT think about school


My first goal was to ride 1 mile on my uni (20" Torker LX) without any UPDs. Today, success! 1.03 miles, according to the computer. The reward I’ve been promising myself was to order a Coker, and I just clicked the order button moments ago.

To celebrate, I did my first ever venture “offroad”. It was actually not even a dirt road, just a road so covered in dirt and gravel that it took 100 meters+ before I realized it wasn’t a dirt road. Did a couple of free moounts, rode around, finished with a ride down a reasonably steep ramp section (also all dirt and rock covered). Woot!

Now I have to come up with more goals… Should be easy, I’ve only been riding for one month, exactly!

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