School's Back (^O^)

Nothing too special, just a video for the first few weeks of school.

Youtube will be up tomorrow when it’s working


Nice! It kept me entertained. What was that event where all the people were and you did the rolling wraps?

I heard Canada was mining Mount Rushmore for plutonium.

that was kool, it was less repetitive than your recent vids and you had a bunch of nice stuff in there. Keep it up! I was skeptical when I clicked the link but it turned out a lot better than i thought it would.

It was a varsity tennis tournament.
Glad it was less repetitive.

Thanks for the comments.

Cool vid!

Getting good at those handrails! I can’t seem to find any good ones by me :frowning:

Its cool that you’re getting really consistant, and you’re developing a nice style. Keep it up dude.

the hand rails and the trey down the 2 were my favorite parts.

never seen a prehop on a hick double but it was chiiiilll.

nice vid:)

Pretty cool. But, it was a little repetitive. I liked the treyflip 2 set.

Keep it up,


I liked the vid! smooth.

sick riding . :smiley:

just one tip though , you should try to keep your whole body in the frame… it just makes the vid look better IMO

nice skills man :slight_smile: i think that the video would be more enjoyable if you hopped a lot less though, thats just my opinion. i think that mainting flow is more important then the tricks at times :wink:

Man you really need a fisheye :wink:
Nice riding though, I’m liking the handrails. Static hickdouble was cool too :stuck_out_tongue: