school unicycle

My friend and me made a video for school:)
we could use the school to film and do a lot of nice thinks :roll_eyes:

here is it…
enjoy and leave a comment :smiley:

Nice rding!

nice video
i liked the tramboline parts:D

Wow…that was really awesome !

Was it a Double or a Tripleflip on the trampo ? And how high was the white bar your friend hopped over ? Are you training to be the second unicyclist to land a frontflip ? You seem to be doing good !

I loved it, nice song choice and great overall feeling about it, you looked to have fun and you transfered it well to me.


Really enjoyed that video!! The lines that you did together were awesome!! The tramp looked fun to!

Great vid! Keep it up!

Quite fun, Awesome flips… Lets do it like they do it on the discovery channel!

It was a double flip
I think, the white bar was 90cm high
and no, I don’t think we will be the second one to land a frontflip :stuck_out_tongue: Doing a frontflip of it is A LOT easlyer then doing it with your unicycle :roll_eyes:

and thanks for a the comments :slight_smile:

haha nice:D

I thought that arne(fluo green wheel) had already done a frontflip in to sand?!

PS: of heb ik mis? :thinking:


Good video but youre mainly a trials rider and there werent any giant sidehops on the trampoline :frowning:

It’s pretty cool that you two are almost equal in skill level. I’m sure it makes riding together fun.

very impressive!! the trampoline parts were a great idea!:D!:smiley:

that was good. if the video was for school did you use different music?

yes, he already could :stuck_out_tongue: but didn’t film it :wink:

yeah I know, but it was for school, and we will make a pure trial movie soon :wink:

was ook van m’n eenwieler;)

Cool vid! I hope to ride again soon with you guys! :astonished:

you should try some of them tricks with the trampoline, without the pads :wink:

great vid… fun to watch

Cool video!
Seems like you had a lot of fun filming!
I always wondered if it was possible.

great ved realy enjoyed it