School Project (re-try)

I need to know when the unicycle was invented. i know that it came from the pennyfarthing bike but im not sure when and where it came from if any one has any information reply as soon as you can. :thinking:

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I believe in the late 1800’s is when they got the idea of taking the back wheel off of the penny farthing.

If you didn’t find this already, here’s some info: There is also this thread:

If you search this forum, there should be quite a bit of info on Unicycle history.

I did a school project on the unicycle last year and found that it was invented during the 1870s. The pennyfarthing was invented in 1871 and people began to take their back wheels off to increase the challenge. I don’t think their was a specific person, date, or place that it was invented. I kind of just evolved.