school planner-kinda 1337

i did it a while ago. just sharin’. aynone else do anything to theres? does anyone else have one? our school gives em to us.

1337nub.bmp (409 KB)

my school give them to us… mine in a bin somwhere i think… no wait its in my bag i cut up the plasic cover to make cheep pletrums

our school gave us planners. Mine has a series of unicycles and logos in it, with other random doodles. It’s kinda cool actually, maybe I should post it. probly at the end of the year.

My jr highs gave them to us but in high school they make you buy it. I have never used mine anyway so I haven’t bought one. My planner is all in my head…

We get them as part of what we pay for with our student fees but I think that this years planner is untouched and in perfect condition somewhere in my room.

I loose mine… or do something messed up with it… like glue it to my hand and slap ppl in the face with it :stuck_out_tongue: :thinking:

My binder is full of awesome uni stickers.