School of Mines Uni Gang + Colby Thomas

That was some pretty sick riding! And seat breaking :smiley:

Here’s part 1 as well:

School of Mines? You mean, not only is Max talented and good looking, but he’s a freakin’ genius too?

The ladies are going to form a line outside his room…

Good on you for getting a uni gang together. Makes school all the more fun.

This looks like a lot of fun. Did you teach all these people at school?

You guys look like you’re having a blast. Very cool. I want to see the broken seat trick again.

Awesome videos! Thanks for posting them.

I agree the broken seat was excellent but 3:30 on part two was a jaw dropper for me.


Somehow I missed this when it was first posted. Both videos look like a lot of fun.
I can’t get enough of those front flips.