school newspaper

so the newspaper at my school did an article on me and my friends and our unicycling life. it will be out wednesday. ill make sure to post a copy of it on here for you all

That’s cool! A local high school in my area (Palos Verdes High) did a “news” feature story on me over a month ago, and invited me to watch the produced/edited piece on their “Live at 205” broadcast. It was done well, I thought, and I got lots of compliments, even though I made it very clear that what they saw me do was NOTHING, compared to what is being done out there by the really GOOD riders on a daily basis. I asked them for a DVD copy of the show and they gladly agreed and promised to mail a copy to me in “a couple of days”. That was over a month ago and still no dvd! I’ve tried emailing and calling to no avail. Oh well. If I could get it, I’d post the video. I’ll keep trying.:slight_smile:

kcytheacy was in the bigeest newspaper in the state i was in the class newspaper

Some people at my school are filming us on the weekend to enter in some nation-wide documentary competition. Should be good.
It should be finished in a few weeks and i will post it then. As well as riding and stuff we are gonna go up to people in the street and show them some awesome uni vid and then film their reactions and stuff.